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Point Reading Pen

Point Reading Pen

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Electrical outlet

Product information:
Material: ABS
Specification: 2.23 inches
Boundary dimension: 146 * 32 * 14MM
Color: white

Key Points:
1. Scanning translation: This translation device can translate through text scanning, and quickly identify and translate within 0.5 seconds. Both flat and curved text can be scanned and translated.
2. Voice translation: This portable translator supports real-time voice translation in 112 languages online and 8 languages offline. Make your multilingual communication unhindered.
3. Multi-function tool: In addition to the translation function, this smart translator also supports text excerpting and file transfer functions. You can use the intelligent language translation device to scan the record during reading to facilitate future review.
4. Easy to adjust: The translation device is charged through the type-c interface and supports up to 6 hours of word search, which can meet your daily learning needs. You can adjust the volume, speed and voice according to your own habits.
5. Portable design: The device has a large 2.23-inch touch screen and weighs about 200g. It can be stored very lightly in a briefcase or pocket. It allows you to travel, attend conferences and study in the library.
This translation device can quickly identify and translate text within 0.5 seconds, support scanning and translation in 11 languages, with high accuracy, making your foreign language reading more convenient and faster. It also supports real-time voice translation in 112 languages and offline translation in 11 languages, with high accuracy, making your multilingual communication unimpeded

Packing list:
Translation pen X1PCS
Data cable X1PCS
Instruction X1PCS
Screen protection film X1PCS
Silicone protective sleeve X1PCS

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